“Creating an Atmosphere for the Promises of God” – Inspirational Book Helps Readers Create Real Change

People looking for Christian education and spiritual enlightenment will find it in the book, Creating an Atmosphere for the Promises of God.

Melba K. Wiggins, an inspirational speaker, is the author of this life-changing book. In it, she challenges those who are ready for real change to look inside themselves, as Christians already have the power within to change because God already lives inside of them.

Readers of this book will experience a revelatory understanding of the power and authority of the Word of God that is within them. This power allows Christians to open up doors of opportunities in their lives, overcome daily struggles and create real change in themselves and others. As a result of this change that starts from the inside out, Christians will be able to survive these uncertain times while their lives reflect the heart of their Savior.

“I believe many people will find this book inspiring,” said Mike Ramos, Manager of the Publicity Department of The Moving Words. “Because it’s written for any Christian individual, and not just to a specific Christian group, so many people will be able to learn how to create an atmosphere of Godly resonance.”